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Fine Mist Spray Bottles 4oz. Clear

  • PET PLASTIC – Our 4 oz bottles are made from BPA Free PET Plastic. Using PET plastic is a safer alternative to other plastics as there is no Bisphenol A to worry about leaching into your Sprays
  • BUY PLASTIC OVER GLASS – I’m sure that we all have seen glass shatter and make tiny shards that we are then afraid to step on even after we think it is all cleaned up. By buying plastic you can avoid this fear as plastic does not shatter like glass
  • SMALL AND COMPACT – Our 4 oz. plastic bottles are large enough to allow plenty of liquid to be stored so you aren’t constantly refilling them and small enough that they carry well in a purse, diaper bag or backpack
  • CLEAR BOTTLES – Allow the color of your sprays to show through this beautiful clear bottle.
  • CLEAR PLASTIC CAPS – Each of our bottles include a clear plastic cap. This is a great feature to avoid any accidental sprays and adds more value to your Homemade mixtures




Each fine mist spray bottles 4oz. clear is made from PET plastic which makes it BPA Free so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your product.

Our 4oz. bottles are still small enough to fit in any purse or diaper bag plus they allow you to carry 2x more liquid than our 2oz bottles

The fine mist spray is perfect for applying homemade perfumes, sanitizers, and bug sprays.

Let the natural colors of your spray show through the clear bottle!

Made from high quality materials allowing you to reuse the fine mist spray bottles  4oz. clear again and again.

Looking for other color and size options?  Check out the links below!

2oz. bottles

4oz. bottles


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