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Fine Mist Spray Bottles 4oz. Green

  • COLORED BOTTLES –  Dark color helps to block the sun’s harmful rays from deteriorating the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils
  • PET PLASTIC – BPA Free bottle and sprayer
  • CLEAR PLASTIC CAPS – Each of our bottles include a clear plastic cap which helps avoid any accidental mess 




Our fine mist spray bottles 4oz. green are still small enough to fit in any purse or diaper bag plus they allow you to carry 2x more liquid than our 2oz bottlesThe fine mist spray is perfect for homemade perfumes, sanitizers, and bug sprays.Our colored bottles also offer protection from sun rays.  This is great when using essential oils because sun rays can deteriorate the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the oilsThese are quality bottles and sprayers that can be refilled again and again allowing you to save money. Grab some fine mist spray bottles 4oz. green today and see the difference in quality compared to other brands.View other 2oz. Colored bottlesView other 4oz. Colored BottlesView other 8oz. Colored Bottles

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